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JUBILEE! Antioch Celebrates 50 Years   

In this world’s economy, fifty years is a long time to do almost anything.  In marriage, it is the Golden Wedding Anniversary; in life’s aging process, it is the time when we recognize that there are probably more years behind than there are ahead.  In God’s economy, fifty years is but a moment in time in which to do His will.  And how grateful we are for the years and for this moment in time!

2009 is the year of Jubilee for Antioch Baptist Church, when we celebrate 50 years of faithful service to our Lord through the Tulsa and other communities.  It was September 1959 when our journey began.   Each month this year – from January through September – we will host a special event to mark the time leading to our grand finale in September.

The theme for the month of March is “Take Me Back.”  Although the building on Lansing Street where Antioch began no longer exists, the building in which we continued our growth does.  On Sunday, March 22nd at 4:00 p.m., our celebration continues with worship service at our former home at 2123 N. Frankfort Avenue.  The “Old Church” (as we at Antioch affectionately call that location) holds so many wonderful memories for those who invested time there.  Now the New Life Christian Center, its great leader, Bishop Gary Davis, and his faithful and dedicated congregation have so graciously given our pastor, Reverend M.C. Potter and the Antioch membership the privilege of being in charge of that afternoon’s service.  We are beyond excited and thankful.

Our special guests will be Rev. Herbert D. Edmondson III, Pastor and the Morning Star Baptist Church.

There are no words that can adequately express our gratitude to God, to our founder, Rev. C.L. Potter, to our pastor, Rev. M.C. Potter, to past and present members and to so many others who have extended their hand of friendship and followship to us along the way.  We will never forget the way we have come nor Who it was that brought us.

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